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Abdul Tlais is an Associate Lawyer at Korn MacDougall Legal.

Abdul has a deep interest in legal academia and in addition to his university qualifications obtained in Australia has undertaken further studies in the United States and The Netherlands. In 2016 he was awarded the New Colombo Scholarship by the NSW Government to undertake further legal studies at the University of Shanghai in China.

Abdul brings this wealth of academic diligence to his practice and has very quickly established a reputation for expert analysis, litigation strategy and courtroom advocacy. Abdul’s ability to find evidentiary gaps and procedural failings in a prosecution case are second to none and he is routinely tasked with the firms most difficult legal analysis.

To be trusted with a client’s liberty, wellbeing and future is a responsibility Abdul takes extremely seriously and his professional approach is reflective of that duty. Abdul’s ability to dissect prosecution cases results in many of his matters being withdrawn prior to trial sparing his client’s significant financial and emotional stress.

Abdul appears in matters in the Local, District and Supreme Court jurisdictions both in NSW and around Australia as required. Abdul has extensive experience in matters involving Drug Offences, Proceeds of Crime, Sexual Assault and violence related offences.

Abdul is a fluent Arabic speaker.

Abdul Tlais

Associate Lawyer