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Lauren is a founder and Managing Partner of Korn MacDougall Legal.

Lauren’s practice encompasses the most difficult and complex criminal litigation in the Legal System. Lauren commenced her career in a Boutique Criminal Law firm focusing on serious indictable matters and was gained invaluable experience with her involvement in matters such as the 2009 Sydney Airport Murder case and an ACT case involving a woman charged with blackmailing an Ambassador.

In the time since, she has established a reputation for measured, effective and tactical case management. Her popularity amongst her clientele and colleagues is attributable to her ability to calmly and intelligently guide those trusting her through their most difficult and traumatic periods.

Lauren has and continues to appear in high-profile homicide trials as well as complex white-collar crime matters. These often protracted and exhaustive cases require expert level diligence and precision which Lauren has demonstrated time and time again.

Lauren also appears regularly in matters involving the NSW and Commonwealth Crime Commission. These matters require lawyers experienced in compelled examinations, Forensic financial analysis and the effective use of expert witnesses. Ensuring that those who appear before this secretive and specialised area of the Judicial system do not have their assets unfairly confiscated or their rights compromised in any way is a duty Lauren takes very seriously.

Lauren MacDougall

Founder & Principal