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The impact of criminal charges on a person’s loved ones, career, dignity and future can be enormous. At Korn MacDougall we appreciate what is at stake and the precision required to deliver results.

The importance of the right legal advice early is critical in allegations of criminal wrong doing and to the prospects of a successful defence.

Our specialised legal services are available to you in all areas of Criminal Law including:

  • Powers of arrest, search and forensic procedures
  • Bail applications in all jurisdictions
  • AVO proceedings
  • Local Court Hearings and Sentences
  • Committal Hearings
  • District Court Trials and Sentences
  • Supreme Court trials
  • All Serious Indictable offences including Murder, Manslaughter, Drug, Fraud and violence offences
  • Appeals in all the District, NSW Court of Criminal Appeal and High Court jurisdictions
  • Traffic offences
  • Extradition proceedings
  • International and Domestic proceeds of crime
  • State Crime Commission Proceedings
  • Australian Crime Commission Proceedings
  • International money laundering offences
  • State Parole Hearings
  • Licensing offences
  • Coronial Inquests

Our firm provides a free consultation for anyone needing guidance or protection in any area of Criminal law and we recommend obtaining expert advice as soon as possible.