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Traffic offences are one of the more common reasons that people find themselves before a NSW court.

The experience is often daunting and the repercussions of losing one’s right to drive can be far more devastating than expected.

At Korn MacDougall our lawyers have the expertise and specialised knowledge to ensure you are given every opportunity to remain a road user. Whether a matter is to be defended or mitigated to its best possible degree, we will plan and execute a defence case designed specifically for you. Should your interests require we can utilize the resources of experts and obtain reports which can challenge blood alcohol concentration readings, re-examine crash sites or dispute other evidence relied on by prosecutors.

In matters where you concede you have made poor choices on the road, our team will assist you in the preparation of a case which ensures you present as a person deserving of leniency and understanding. Often this will require the participation in programs and initiatives designed to demonstrate your commitment to being a positive road user in the future.

We place a great emphasis on ensuring our clients present differently to the rest, and as a result receive outcomes most do not.

Our team is available to help you in all areas of Traffic Law including:

  • Drink driving
  • Drug Driving
  • Habitual offender declarations
  • License Appeals
  • Dangerous or Negligent Driving
  • Speeding offences
  • Drive whilst disqualified or suspended

Our firm provides a free consultation for anyone needing guidance or protection in any area of Traffic Law and we recommend obtaining expert advice as soon as possible. Wherever possible we will take on traffic matters on a fixed fee basis so that you can be assured of what the costs of representation will be from the very beginning. To speak to any of our expert lawyers on any matter involving traffic law, please call (02) 8041 4900 or email us at